Established in 2007, Graywall provides various art advisory services and facilitates contemporary art projects.

As borderlines among different fields of art and culture – fine arts, architecture, design, etc – are blurred and collaborations between these fields are increasing today, Graywall’s aim is to provide services most suitable for this rapidly changing cultural environment. With a clear understanding of the complexities of contemporary society’s cultural and economic environment, Graywall offers optimal solutions. Through its creative perspective based on broad experiences, Graywall translates art into creative content specifically adapted to various purposes and situations.

While contemplating the role and responsibility of art as well as communicating and sharing through art, Graywall finds the best way to meet the needs of various institutions and individuals based on its wide domestic, international network and its vision that seeks harmony between practical values and the creative mind.

From marketing projects, art consulting for collectors, organizing exhibitions and collaboration with artists to cooperation with non-profit organizations and art education, Graywall creates new art-cultural experiences transcending conventional borders and frameworks in art, which are beneficial for people from various fields and positions.


Hongchul Byun
After graduating from the Department of Sculpture, Collage of Art at Seoul National University, he received an MA in Visual Arts Administration at New York University. He worked for various art exhibitions and events including Media City Seoul, the World Ceramic Biennale, and the Gwangju Biennale. In 2007 he established Graywall, Art Advisory & Collaboration Projects- it provides art consulting based on research on international art fairs and exhibitions; organizes collaboration projects connecting artists and corporations; realizes various creative ideas in collaboration with artists. He is also a board member at Akive, Korean Contemporary Arts Archive and an advisory committee member at Seoul Design Foundation.


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