Xooang Choi
Esquisse Over the Autonomy
Polyurethane paint on resin
13 x 23 x 33 cm
Turquoise Blue / Ruby / Lapis Lazuli / Onyx, Edition of 12 each
Xooang Choi’s horse lacks a front leg. From a human perspective, it was deprived of the most essential function that it can perform as a horse.

Human beings tend to judge the value of any kind of being or object according to its function or role. Humans, therefore, whose existence is inevitably based on deficiencies, have not only tormented themselves but also inflicted suffering onto other beings.

In Xooang Choi’s work, an animal form, especially that of a horse, is a metaphor for such human consciousness and existence. The artist attempts to remedy this negative, human-oriented stance with a positive, open perspective. Even missing a leg, the horse continues to exist. The meaning of its existence itself is not to be eliminated even when it lacks a leg or any other part. Choi’s horse brings our attention to the true meaning and value of existence beyond function or disability, completeness or deficiency.

Choi created this work inspired by the story of Molly, the horse with an artificial leg. Having lost her owner and her front right leg during Hurricane Katrina, she was given to a ranch for abandoned animals. With the help of warm-hearted people - including a vet and a human prosthesis designer ? Molly was given a new leg that enabled her to live a new life.

In this series, the artist employs particular materials and colors ? crystal resin and the colors of gem stones ? different from his other sculpture series. Each being’s existence shines like a gem in itself.

In addition, Choi plans to create horses in twelve different gem stone colors and prosthetic legs in crystal resin are currently in progress.
2,800,000 KRW
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