Xooang Choi
Drawing for Plastic Island_Body
Print on arches paper
38 x 53 cm
Edition of 30
For Xooang Choi who has frequently moved since his childhood, Seoul seems to be an ever-changing giant island. Seoul’s urban development plans continue to transform the city through ceaseless destruction and reconstruction. One’s childhood home is now gone or replaced by a new fancy building.

In this ever-changing city, people become nomads. In the background that arises and collapses repeatedly, they become a part of the passing landscape. Nothing remains unchanged here. Even our body that we once regarded as a stable element grounding the self, has become an object to remodel or transform just like a building.
For three years the artist has accumulated fragments of the city.

He collected, recorded and reconstructed architectural images of the city that he passed by every day. Reflecting the span of three years, it also shows buildings that are now gone or unrecognizably altered.

The artist calmly contemplates the look of this city where childhood memories and hometown landscapes have disappeared leaving only faint traces and afterimages - a kind of sad portrait. A lump of the city mounted on a pedestal that is reminiscent of a drilling ship or a tower crane is a “plastic
300,000 KRW
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